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Bookmarks is published to support the No Hate Speech Movement youth campaign of the Council of Europe for human rights online. Bookmarks is useful for educators wanting to address hate speech online from a human rights perspective, both inside and outside the formal education system. The manual is designed for working with learners aged 13 to 18 but the activities can be adapted to other age ranges.

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Bookmarks is also available in other languages:

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We CAN! presents communicative and educational approaches and tools for youth and other human rights activists to develop their own counter and alternative narratives to hate speech.It is designed for working with young people from the age of 13. Based on the principles of human rights education and youth participation, We CAN! complements the manual Bookmarks. 
To find examples how to use the manual and downloadable hand out check the campaigns publications website. 

We CAN! online

We CAN! is also available in other languages. 
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National committees and campaign partners are invited to translate this material into their own language. For more information check the Institutional campaign website.

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