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Hate Speech Watch is a user-generated repository to trace, share and discuss online hate speech content. Instances of hate speech signalled here are not reported to judicial authorities, regulatory bodies or internet providers. Please, also report systematically all hate speech you encounter online to the relevant national authorities and Internet companies. See the instructions section to learn how.

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10 February, 2016
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Challenge sexism and counter sexist hate speech!

THE MOVEMENT CALLS FOR FLAGGING ONLINE SEXIST HATE SPEECH BY THE HATE SPEECH WATCH. In March the Hate Speech Watch is collecting examples of different online expressions of sexist hate speech with the purpose of raising awareness and support the education of young people. Discrimination, multiple discrimination and hate speech against women is a serious issue still in today’s Europe. Sexist hate speech builds on narratives reaffirming gender stereotypes which justify gender discrimination and sexism, thus it is very important to  challenge sexism and speak up for gender equality both online and offline.  View

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Cirrina MEhiel's ... ...
2 hours ago

Another article about the murder of corrina mehiel with racist and sexist commentary View


Social justice ... ...
2 hours ago

a woman was murdered in dc, and several alt-right websites are spewing hateful articles inspiring disgusting comments about her and her suspected killer, saying that she deserved to die bc she's an sjw, and calling the black suspect a "feral ... View


5 hours ago

Vile, racist community that focuses on "nigger" name and shame articles, citing p.o.c. as less than human. View


National action ...
5 hours ago

Very hateful against people of size. members have actually spoken out on media their hate towards people of size. View

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