mlk jr fake information site. white supremacist hate website

Website is spreading false information and hoaxes about the great Martin luther king jr. the following is a copy paste: Black Rappers Call on Blacks to Murder and rape Whites Here's what black rappers say, and what their followers do. Keep in mind that most of this is produced and distributed by Jewish run companies. Jews are the foremost promoters of "hate crime" laws intended to be used mainly against whites, while at the same time looking with smiling approval upon black criminals who openly call for murder and mayhem against white people. _________________________________________ [~!Rap Lyrics!~] Kill the white people; we gonna make them hurt; kill the white people; but buy my record first; ha, ha, ha"; "Kill d'White People"; --Apache, Apache Ain't Shit, 1993, Tommy Boy Music, Time Warner, USA.

May 15, 2017 at 3:10 am
hate kkk whitesupremacy mlk hatespeech


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